Download Whatsapp Sniffer & Spy Tool 2018

As you all understand that WhatsApp is the most famous immediate messaging service across the world. Now WhatsApp is possessed by Facebook. We are the WhatsApp hacking agency across the world. HackingChat offers all its support at no cost always. Now we're offering a 100% secure and genuine WhatsApp Sniffer Tool.

What is Sniffing?
First of all, if you are a new comer, then you must know about this. Then you certainly no have to worry we are here in order to assist you on this subject, if you don't know about what is sniffing. Sniffing is an act with we could smell things. If we talk this in word then sniffing is an act with this we can find the data of our apparatus on our Device when we are connected to the same wireless networks such as wi-fi and all.

What is WhatsApp Sniffer Tool?
Sniffer instrument is a tool which works like our nose. Our nose can smell thing occurring around us like this Sniffer tool can catch the data of our local device.

This instrument requires that we need to link to the network. If you and your Victim attached to a different wi-fi network then, this Sniffing instrument would not work for you as our nose don't work for the lengthy distance.

This tool functions to read all of the WhatsApp dialog on same Wi-Fi network. WhatsApp Sniffer collaborates with all Kind of Wi-Fi Network like Open, WEP, WPA/WPA2.

WhatsApp Sniffer will not work with Blackberry because they use their host, not WhatsApp's server. This instrument may utilize WhatsApp's server. So the phone aren't supported by this Sniffing tool.

Download Whatsapp Sniffer & Spy Tool 2018

The Best Way To Use WhatsApp Sniffer Tool 2018

  • Now here is the time to know how to utilize WhatsApp Sniffer Tool. As we stated that this WhatsApp Sniffing Tool is used to read dialog of men and women that are about precisely the same network.

    This instrument is free available here. Our WhatsApp Sniffer tool is the very best and secure tool that is available online at this time.

    This program is quite light and easy to use. This is a third party program by us, so you have to check your anonymous sources in your Android Phone configurations to do so follow the below steps.
  1. Settings and Safety and Unknown sources (allow)
  2. Download WhatsApp Sniffer Tool: Now you need a rooted phone. If your phone is not rooted, then you can root your phone easily by looking it on Google by this term "how to root Android device." Once your phone is rooted, then you have to download WhatsApp Sniffer Tool from the below link for free.
  3. Once you've downloaded our WhatsApp Sniffer Tool in your phone.Install this instrument on your Android rooted device. This Sniffer is too easy to use, we have used a simple and effortless user interface to allow it to understand easily by anyone.
  4. In case you don't want to root your phone and want to hack someone's WhatsApp account, then you can utilize our online Whatsapp Hacking support or our WhatsApp Spy application.
  5. Be certain your sufferer and you are connected to same system that is Wi-Fi Otherwise.
  6. This WhatsApp Sniffer Tool uses TCPDump app which reads all the packets sent and received over the Wi-Fi community. This tool downloads all of the packs shared on the Wi-Fi network and filtered every one of the packages that are associated with WhatsApp of your victim. As we stated that this app doesn't work with Blackberry since they use their host rather than WhatsApp server.

How to Use WhatsApp Sniffer Tool?
(For NonRooted Device)

That is the central and important part of this post because a lot of folks don't need to root their phone. Rooting your telephone may void your guarantee too. We suggest you to not root your telephone if your phone is in under guarantee period otherwise you can do it with no Problem.

If you are working on a nonrooted device, then you don't need to worry because you may also use this WhatsApp Sniffer Tool on the nonrooted apparatus also. We are using Whatsapp Xtract to utilize this tool on the nonrooted device.

This tool is made and owned by XDA developer ZEDD. This is a blaze fast and really simple tool. If you have a device you have to just Perform a trick to reading your victim's talk. We use WhatsApp backup in this process, so lets begin --

Download WhatsApp Sniffer Tool
First of all download whatsapp sniffer application from the given link

Obtain Whatsapp Folder
This is the vital step you need to do. You need access to a victim's telephone to utilize this WhatsApp Sniffer Tool. First of all get victim's WhatsApp folder copied in your apparatus to get started you can send it using Bluetooth or by any sharing app. Here you can find your victim's Whatsapp folder

Copy at same Place
Once you got all of the files in the WhatsApp folder of your own victim. Now copy all of of the files to the area in which you have extracted the Whatsapp Xtract in your desktop computer or laptop.

After this, you have to download WhatsApp backup extractor from this link

You need to run this file consistently. If this document do not run as an administrator, then you will notice an error or you document might be opened. Since this requires any information to an authority can be given by the sole administrator so run this file.

Now Run whatsapp_xtract_android.bat or whatsapp_xtract_android_crypted.bat again in the extracted folder of whatsapp tool.

Got your own Sniffed documents
After this step finishing successfully, you will get all the WhatsApp folder of your victim for a text document. These files can be read by you in your Laptop Browser.

Only this Sniffing tool removes the encrypt formatting out of your victim's WhatsApp files and supply you all of the information in simple and easily readable format.

Whatsapp Sniffer for iPhone
As you, all understand that iPhone works with iOS. IOS is the most secure portable platform because it doesn't permit you to install a third party program So you need to play with a simple trick to use this Whatsapp sniffer in your iPhone.

So, Men, this is our WhatsApp Sniffer instrument we trust that all enjoyed this stuff. Please do not forget to discuss this with other people.

Top 3 Best WhatsApp Sniffer Tool (Paid)

Top of the list is mSPy a excellent snipper and spy tool which enables users to track WhatsApp messages of iOS and Android users. In addition, it can be installed on Windows and Mac operating systems. It's simple to use, beautifully designed and is packed with features.

Simple 3 -step setup procedure.
Includes a geo-fencing attribute, GPS location and a keylogger for detailed monitoring.
View all installed programs and calls.
Access calendar events and actions.
No-jailbreak is necessary.

Is vulnerable to privacy problems for certain men and women.

Available on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac operating systems, Flexispy rankings in third for reasons like user friendliness and functionalities.

Monitor and intercept telephone calls.
Track phones using GPS monitoring system.
Is packed with over 150 distinct features.
Has a money back guarantee if you're not pleased with the product.

It's highly priced.

Underspy is a user friendly tracking and tracking software that's packed with features which makes it effortless to track WhatsApp messages.

Record and track calls.

Android devices need to be rooted.

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